Industrial Paint Booths and Spray Booth Systems

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Cost Effective Solutions for Your Industrial Paint Booth Requirements

Industrial Paint Booths

Industrial Powder Coating Paint Booths

    Each industrial application is usually a unique application. We will work with you to provide a booth that is integrated in to your overall workflow. Industrial applications often move work through their facilty with some type of material handling systems.

    Whether you use 3 axis cranes, overhead conveyor systems, floor rail systems, or any other type of system we will work with you to provide a paint booth that will fit your process. As part of our service to you we will co-ordinate our information with your architects, engineers, and general contractors.

    We offer complete turnkey systems including air handling and conveyor systems. Creative engineering and attention to detail will ensure that you get the right system and equipment for your application. We can provide a turnkey finishing system with your paint booth integrated into the entire finishing process, from blasting, to painting, to drying, to material movement systems like cranes and conveyors.

    We work with many specialty equipment manufacturers to provide complete turnkey systems. We take pride in the ability to provide the best equipment for your unique application. Whatever your requirements we can design a system for your business.

Code Compliance:

All paint booths are designed to meet or exceed the requirements and recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Standard Number 33, as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) CFR 29.1910.107 covering the operation and construction of spray booths.


AEI warrants to buyer that the equipment to be free from defects of materials or workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of one year. All components supplied but not produced by AEI shall carry the warranty of the manufacturer.