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Large Equipment Paint Booths

Industrial Powder Coating Paint Booths  

     AEI is a supplier of paint booths dedicated to providing only the best in large equipment spray booth systems. Every application has different requirements. We will design a booth system for your specific application. We can also design a complete custom system for your entire finishing process.

   Below you will find information on our 44' long crossdraft paint booth. We offer crossdraft, semi/modified downdrafts, side downdrafts, and pitted downdrafts. The information below is to give you an idea of basic budget costs and dimensions. Contact us and we will be happy to explain the different types of airflows and which would be best for your particular application. 

Large Industrial Equipment Paint Booth16' Wide x 16' Tall x 44' Deep Crossdraft Paint Booth - $52,000.
Deluxe Heated Replacement Air System with Variable Airflow System - Included.

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    Panels are fabricated from 18-gauge prime quality G-90 galvanized steel precision punched on 6” centers for maximum rigidity.  Panels are fastened together with nuts and bolts and are to be sealed with the provided caulk following assembly. Structural Steel support on 10' centers for the entire length of the booth. Type and size of support is determined by the size of the booth. 

Lighting is provided by 48” long, 4-tube, 32 watt, T-8, fluorescent type fixtures. Fixtures are Inside Access rated for Class I Div. II Groups A, B, C, and D Class II Div. II Groups F & G. All fixtures are ETL listed and approved for their intended use and placement. Fixtures are supplied with tubes and dual ballasts to accept either 120V or 277V power. Ballasts carry a 5-year limited warranty.


Intake air filters: Rated by UL as Class 2 and are EPA registered as environmentally safe. Filters are self-supporting in an internal frame sized 20'' x 20'' x 1''. One set of filters will be supplied. Exhaust air filters are fiberglass paint arrestor pads made specifically for the collection of paint over spray. These filters are UL rated as Class 2. A filter holding grid is provided for each filter.


Tube axial type duct fans specifically designed and constructed for use in paint spray booths and similar applications are provided for exhaust. Bearings are permanently lubricated and mounted in rubber isolators for smooth operation. The motor, drive and bearings are isolated from the exhaust air stream. This unit will utilize one (1) 42'' diameter fan driven by a 7.5 HP motor (208/230/460V/3PH/60HZ), operating at 26,000 SCFM at ½'' static pressure. Adjustable Drives.

One (1) set of solid product entry doors shall be provided. The doors are skinned with an 18 Ga. galvanized steel sheet, sealed to the frame, and welded in place. These doors are provided with a closed cell foam rubber weather stripping seal about the perimeter and a neoprene rubber sweep seal at the threshold. The mounting hardware provided includes a panic type safety latch and four 9'' door pulls. Double doors having a clear opening of approximately 11'-4'' wide by 13'-10'' tall.